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We have plans, we have the greatest plans, no-one has bigger plans than us...

Seriously though, you're going to be seeing a lot of us in the coming months, more than your pretty face can probably handle, so batten down the hatches, strap yourself in, prepare for takeoff, take the necessary precautions, open the front door, have your first pint of the night, eat your starter, plug in your breadmaker, turn your keys simultaneously and start your engines, cos this year is the year of the HERRON!! (Brothers)


It's all about the bass (player) 

Here's an important announcement, if you know anyone then give this a share!

Professional Bass Player/Vocalist required for The Herron Brothers band. 

Applicants must be technically proficient, time flexible, and able to sing complex harmony parts whilst playing live. 

The band has high profile management, record company interest, and studio recording dates coming up in next few weeks. 

The band is based in Derby. 

Contrary to the name, you don’t have to be male to apply! 

Please message Paul Herron or give us an email on the CONTACT page for further details and to discuss auditions. 
In your initial message please provide the following. 

- Recordings of previous performance, preferably live video included. 
- Your general availability (as much info as poss here please) 
- Current work load (musical and other) 
- Past experience 
- Personal details (just basic, don’t need inside leg measurement, just whatever you feel relevant)


KNEES is here!!! 

Aye like. The third E.P. in the 4 E.P. 'quadrilogy' of E.P's is here. so click HERE or HERE to get it.

Between you and me, the next and final and LAST E.P. of the Quadrilogy will be out NEXT WEEK. There's no messing about here at HBHQ.


Here's the new lyric video for the 4th and final song from the 'KNEES' sessions.

TOES has already been recorded and mixed and will be with you soon.



Yes, it's true my pedigrees, we're supporting The Bluetones at The Venue on August 4th, so get yo' sweet ass to this LINK and get some tickets.

In all seriousness, The Bluetones are one of our favourite bands, so we're all grinny about being able to share a stage and share an audience (that'll be you)

Here's a song by them, it's mint.




Big Shells Little Shells (at christmas)

A Lovely Spread - Remastered