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The Herron Brothers Band (thats us) is looking for a professional keyboard player. 

Get in touch for details.

Here's a funny picture that is relevant to this post, but in a lighthearted, off the wall, funny-stuff-you-find-on-the-internet kind of way.

2Q Festival and EOTW 

Thanks to EVERYONE who's shared and liked the Edge Of The World Video. It's gotten a canny few likes, which is beautiful.

Right, so lets shift our attention to 11 days time, Derby, The Guildhall, 1:45 and.... 2Q FESTIVAL

It's our first gig in a while and we're excited to be the first band on of the day, so tell your friends, tell your enemies, and tell your pets and lets see if we can't fill the place!

FANKS, keep in touch


Edge Of The World 

New Song NEW SONG NEW SONG NEW SONG!!! It's a ballad, and we love it.

we hope you also love it like we love it. Cos we do love it, but not as much as you.




We completely forgot to post this the other week. MEGASOZ!

It's the other cover we did. Let us know if you have any ideas for covers you may like us to do and we'll take that shit on board

Bye for Nows

Big Shells Little Shells (at christmas)

A Lovely Spread - Remastered