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Christmas SALE!! 

Most people have January sales, which is predictable, sensible and a bit boring, we here at HBHQ however, are idiots and therefore we're having a 'run up to Christmas' sale!!

it really is quite simples, get yourself over to the STORE and buy buy BUY until your heart reaches a level of contentment then use the discount code HBXMAS to get a whopping 20% off've everything!

There will be more HB news very soon, until then we'll leave you with last years Christmas single and ... er...

Mary Chrimble Everyboddice!!

Video and Venue 

Cheers to everyone who came to The Venue in Derby last night, it was flipping gorgeous!

We've got some other stuff coming up that we'll let you know about asap, but until then. check out our NEW VIDEO

what to say about it.......hmmmmm... oh yeah "CREEEEEEOHAYOHHHHHHH!!!"

by our maths, thats 3 down... one to go!

Thanks to Rob Newman for his invaluabled helpful choices.

Better late than never....... VIDEEEO 

Super sorry about our tardiness you lovely people, but as promised our latest video is finally with you, with us, with us all. clicky linky for watchy.

it's for track one off've the HEED e.p. 'The Man Keeps Dying' ( a song which a lot of people say is their favourite ) and it's got a bit of a zx spectrum vibe to it to say the least.

If you don't know what a zx spectrum is then a) you're very young and we envy you and b) click here

If you live in or around Derby then get yourself to our gig at THE VENUE on the 22nd October

We'll have another video for you shortly, and then another......... and then we'll get back to writing like normal musicians

Laters winners

The HB

NEWS and VIDEO(s) 


Exciting times!! We've just launched the first video off've our new 'HEED' e.p., it's a silly little thing but we hope you like it, our stupidly optimistic plan is to release 4 videos over the next 4 weeks (1 for each song obviously!!) so keep your ears John Peeled. You can find it over on the VIDO (It's VIDEEEO!!!) page.

also, the HEED e.p. has just hit iTunes, so click HERE if you're one of those apple types.

oh yeah, we're doing some gigs soon as well!! so get yo' sweet ass over to the SHOWS page then come see our faces in their fleshy realness.

RHYTHM SECTION!!! ....and more 

Hello spokie folkies

well here it is: our New Rythhm section in all their glorious.

This is Rich and Jim, aren't they a lovely couple of lovelies?? 

We're going to breaking them in gently with a gig at The Maze in Nottingham this Sunday so get your tiny asses there if you can.

oh and keep it quiet...........but............keep your eyes and ears peeled for HEED #HEED

A Lovely Spread - Remastered!! 

Hello hello hello...... hello here's the crack, we're still here, yes indeed.  We are #theHB (hoping that'll catch on) and we're not going away anytime soon, we did an album 6 years ago that everyone seems to really like, and we're planning (and currently writing) the follow up, to be released in 2015. It may feel like we've went away, but really this is a new beginning begin again.

that is what is happening and where we are and it is true.

the EXCITING news is that we've remastered and repackaged the aforementioned album 'A lovely Spread' and you can get yourself a copy over in the store!! We're selling this initially as a physical ONLY release, just like they did in the old days... with USB sticks yeah?

what are you waiting for? do it!

see yer round yeah!!

Big Shells Little Shells (at christmas)

A Lovely Spread - Remastered