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“It’s a protest song, let’s just get that out of the way”, states Paul sounding almost embarrassed. “I don’t see myself as a protest writer, but things that trigger an emotional response make their way into the lyrics, just usually in a more oblique way than with this one”.

“The song came through very quickly, and the lines “All over the front pages now, spread out on the seas”, came with the melody, so there was no getting away from what it was about”.

When pushed on “What it’s about”, Steven gives his view. “Obviously there’s the refugee angle to it, which we’ve been disgusted and ashamed by as British people, but more generally the song speaks to a disconnect between the words and actions of elected leaders, who constantly let the public down through a dangerous combination of ineptitude and politically driven decision making”.

Paul chimes in like an excited bell, “For example, rather than having a funded, functioning immigration system, combined with a grown-up arrangement with other countries, we have barges, hotels and desperate people dying”

Front Pages, aside from its subject matter, is a big, bold, indie ballad, wearing it’s heart on its sleeve, with whistleable melodies and chords, delivered in a compact, barely three minutes, pop song.

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The Herron Brothers are Paul and Steven Herron, biological brothers since birth and musical collaborators for more than half a lifetime. Hailing from the beautiful county of Northumberland, they currently call Derby their home.

Having recently completed their third independently recorded and released studio album, “Front Pages” follows on from previous single releases “Going Down The Plughole” and “Listen Babu” . The collection is the follow up to 2020’s “The Herron Brothers”, and was originally planned for a 2022 release, however, things too upsetting to mention in a short bio delayed that. Surprisingly, one of them was NOT the pandemic.

Broadly, The Herron Brothers take their influences from pop music released between the 50s and now (The Everlys, Michael Jackson, Mark Knopfler, The Strokes, The Beatles) but absolute favourites who have guided their song writing/performing journey the most are Paul Simon, Neil Finn and REM.

Dalliances, let-downs, incompetence, and the rolls of dice have led them to their current situation, whereby the only thing they DON’T do independently is manually press and sew their own merchandise. So yes, they are tired, but, and finally they can say this, “MASSIVELY excited about releasing more music to the world, and, hopefully, performing it live when they can afford to pay a rhythm section…

Get in touch for a chat at press_and_media@theherronbrothers.com or call on 07818447161

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