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Yes, it's true my pedigrees, we're supporting The Bluetones at The Venue on August 4th, so get yo' sweet ass to this LINK and get some tickets.

In all seriousness, The Bluetones are one of our favourite bands, so we're all grinny about being able to share a stage and share an audience (that'll be you)

Here's a song by them, it's mint.




Cheesy Fantastic Gig Alert. 

In but a few short weeks we play this cracker of a gig. If you've not been to a Blok In Sessions before then you're in for some grown up sized treats of both the musical and edible varieties. Not only is the wonderfully folky and talented FELIX M-B gonna be entertaining you but there's be some melty goodness from Meltworks.

It will sell out. so get tickets.... N........... N....N.N..NN.NNN.... NOW!!



2Q Festival and EOTW 

Thanks to EVERYONE who's shared and liked the Edge Of The World Video. It's gotten a canny few likes, which is beautiful.

Right, so lets shift our attention to 11 days time, Derby, The Guildhall, 1:45 and.... 2Q FESTIVAL

It's our first gig in a while and we're excited to be the first band on of the day, so tell your friends, tell your enemies, and tell your pets and lets see if we can't fill the place!

FANKS, keep in touch



We're playing ROUGH TRADE Nottingham on Wednesday 20th July. 

It is a free concert.
It starts at 7pm and goes on until 10pm

Please will you all come along. We would like that very much. it would make us happy, Ever so happy.

we have our friends Liam Walker and Alexa Hawksworth joining us to make the night ever the more better.

that is the end of what we are saying for now.

be nice

The HB

P.S. Here's the event page on facebook. LINKY

NEW E.p. NEW gigs 


Thanks to everyone who came to our SHOULDERS e.p. Launch party at Bar One the other day, it was flippin' brill and you all have our eternal grateful.

So now you wanna get buying stuff from our shop yeah? so... please... do that.

We've got plenty more gigs coming up cos that's what bands do innit? Have a look on over at the SHOWS page and stencil that shit into your diary.

We've even started writing 'KNEES'

busy, good times. PINT YEAH?!?

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