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We're ALWAYS getting asked 'How do I cover myself in something HB?' So here's the answer, our first T-shirt, available both HERE and HERE (click the links, pick your favourite)

We suggest you buy one quickly, because surely it's only a matter of time until quite a large american entertainment company issues us a 'cease and desist'!

fun times...


NEW E.p. NEW gigs 


Thanks to everyone who came to our SHOULDERS e.p. Launch party at Bar One the other day, it was flippin' brill and you all have our eternal grateful.

So now you wanna get buying stuff from our shop yeah? so... please... do that.

We've got plenty more gigs coming up cos that's what bands do innit? Have a look on over at the SHOWS page and stencil that shit into your diary.

We've even started writing 'KNEES'

busy, good times. PINT YEAH?!?

#theHB #shoulders #pint



Oh yes, so get yourself to BAR ONE tonight to help us celebrate with our pals Frogbelly and Symphony

You can also now treat yourself to SHOULDERS along with all other manner of #HB over in the STORE.

Right gotta go. so much shizzle to sort out before the big event.


Steven, Ben, Rich and Paul