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KNEES is here!!! 

Aye like. The third E.P. in the 4 E.P. 'quadrilogy' of E.P's is here. so click HERE or HERE to get it.

Between you and me, the next and final and LAST E.P. of the Quadrilogy will be out NEXT WEEK. There's no messing about here at HBHQ.


Here's the new lyric video for the 4th and final song from the 'KNEES' sessions.

TOES has already been recorded and mixed and will be with you soon.



The Herron Brothers Band (thats us) is looking for a professional keyboard player. 

Get in touch for details.

Here's a funny picture that is relevant to this post, but in a lighthearted, off the wall, funny-stuff-you-find-on-the-internet kind of way.

Edge Of The World 

New Song NEW SONG NEW SONG NEW SONG!!! It's a ballad, and we love it.

we hope you also love it like we love it. Cos we do love it, but not as much as you.





Oh yes, so get yourself to BAR ONE tonight to help us celebrate with our pals Frogbelly and Symphony

You can also now treat yourself to SHOULDERS along with all other manner of #HB over in the STORE.

Right gotta go. so much shizzle to sort out before the big event.


Steven, Ben, Rich and Paul

Gigs, Shoulders, stuff and what... 

...aaand eyes and ears and mouth an' things...

Yo! How's you lot? Sick and tired of TrumpyBrexitBullshit? Don't worry!! We've got a load of new shows booked, so get on over to the SHOWS page to check them bleeders out.

The most mouthwatering of which is of course our SHOULDERS E.P. Launch party at BAR ONE on Saturday 2nd July.  We're dead happy with the way SHOULDERS is sounding and we literally cannot keep our excitables intact to let you hear it.

Also, we've got a couple of sexy support slots in the coming months, we'll be plying our wares with both The Eskies and Toploader and we'd love you to attend, check out the SHOWS page for details.

Thassit for now. Ta.